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Lord Alexander Gosse Hoekstra of Glencoe lives in Warrington, Cheshire together with his mum and dad and older brother.  Alex reached grade 5 (distinction) in Trumpet in November 2017 and is currently studying for the Grades 6,7 & 8. His trumpet tutor is Lucy Pankhurst.

"Lord Alex's Musical Menagerie" has now been printed and login labels produced.  Published under ISBN 978-1-9996066-0-2 by Hoekstra Publishing, available through the eBay shop (lord_alex, what else...) @ £9.99 including p&p (mainland uk only).  There is also a quantity discount for the education sector ("Contact Us" for more info).

Alex also met Wouter, the illustrator, in Amsterdam on Saturday 2 June and they both signed a copy of the book in front of the Concertgebouw.  A copy has also been sent to the British Library for safekeeping.  Further copies have also been deposited in Oxford and Cambridge libraries and also one in Edinburgh and Dublin.

All books have now arrived safely from the printers (with thanks to Andrew Baker from Morthanveld and RiverDigital) - all we need to do now is stick all the login stickers in (thanks to Ted Waddington at Alan Northrop Ltd) and start selling...