It is important to maintain your trumpet or cornet so that it doesn’t get damaged and has a high performance quality.


Take extra care if cleaning a rotary trumpet due to its complicated structure.

A significant part of maintaining your trumpet or cornet is cleaning. You can do it like so:


Oil the valves using valve oil and if you have a rotary trumpet you must use rotor oil- 


Remember to put them back in the right slot, the right way round since every valve is different and putting them in the wrong way blocks the air from running through them.

Most valves have numbers stamped on them. The number must be facing the mouthpiece.

Lubricate the slides using special slide cream or (slide) grease.

The necessary equipment will be available from any music store that specialises in brass e.g.

{shop-name here}.

If you want to go the extra mile and would like to have a shiny instrument, then consider using a polishing cloth. If you have a silver instrument, you will require a silver cleaning cloth, which is different to the brass version.

When polishing for a shiny instrument, consider wearing gloves to prevent finger-marks.

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